Dolmen Welfare Social Association

Aims and Objectives of the Association.

  • To help employees solve personal problems in a correct and appropriate manner so that they could enjoy good health and return to, and retain, a high performance in their work.
  • To give support to individuals who show a drop in perfor-mance, before actually having to resort to official disci-plinary action.  
  • To encourage and support the company policy regarding a drug and alcohol-free work place.
  • To establish a clear reference point for employees requiring assistance.
  • To reduce and prevent addiction problems through education, advice and support.
  • To ensure that referrals to outside professionals are made at the earliest possible time whenever these are deemed necessary, in order to prevent problems from getting worse.
  • To ensure absolute confidentiality in all cases except where there is permission from the employee in question. Confidentiality is to be restricted to the members of the D.W.S.A. Executive Committee and any necessary professionals involved, unless the individual concerned is going to cause harm to self, to others or to the reputation of the Hotel.


Who will Benefit and How?

All Full Time and Part Time employees are encouraged to become Members of D.W.S.A. by completing and signing the application form at the back of this brochure and returning it to Human Resources office.
By doing so, each subscriber is agreeing to contribute €2.50 per month which will be deducted from his/her wage. Also, the applicant is acknowledging to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the D.W.S.A. Statute. This applies to both Full Time and Part Time Employees.
You must be a Member of D.W.S.A. to benefit from the Scheme.

What are the benefits?

Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee a member may benefit from the following:
Counseling sessions by the D.W.S.A. psychologist or up to €233 if the beneficiary chooses the professional.
Travel and accommodation expenses of one accompanying family member up to a maximum of €1000, in case of any treatment needed abroad by the employee.
In the case of prolonged sickness, the employee shall be allocated up to 4 weeks of pay, with a maximum of €1000, from the association if he/she is certified by the company doctor to be unable to report for work.  
In the eventuality of the demise of an employee and/or his/her spouse, €1000 as well as counseling is offered to the spouse and/or family.

How Do I Get Help from D.W.S.A.?

An Employee who would like to ask for help through the D.W.S.A. may do so by simply sending a letter to the D.W.S.A. Executive Committee, which will take a decision based on the D.W.S.A. Policy.


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